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#17 : April 2021 - Allebou, Goodson, Pess, Nedelko - the new faces of French Hip-Hop

To say that the French rap scene is active is an understatement. So rather than choosing one artist to highlight, this month four artists will share the cover, for the time of an exciting cross interview. Four talents, four facets of rap, four points of view that remind us how rich and inventive hip-hop can be. In addition to Goodson, Nedelko, Allebou and Pess who appear on the cover, we meet PLDG and Marco Mello, who each in their own way make the link between this French scene and its international cousins. And since we love eclecticism at HomeCooking Share, always more discoveries of indie universes without borders, with Pont-Neuf Records, our label of the month, Mathieu Saïkaly, Les Fils de Joie, Thérèse, Yamm Twenty-One, The Vibes Lobbyists, ODGE, Mumbling Thom, Atto Seguente, Special Request's DJ KICKS... Enjoy!

#16 : March 2021 - Mehari

"Fame," the latest single from Mehari was an integral favorite. Waiting for a (near) bright future for the Toulouse-based duo, their presence on the cover this month was an obvious choice. The rest of the program is placed under the sign of eclecticism, with, in bulk, the historical channel techno of Davidovitch, the completely futuristic one of our album of the month Nadsat, the groovy and sometimes technoid house from Frappé Records, the sublime folk of Metò, the #RAPELLES project, 100% Quebec and female hip-hop, a "Focus On..." dedicated to Gelatine Turner. And always full of discoveries: Gohu, Malvyna, Mel Aludra, RawB, Steroman, Mamfredos, Sébastien Guérive, Northmaän, news, reviews... Enjoy!!

#15 : February 2021 - Funky French League

Party, freedom, daring, sharing and love are on the program of this 15th issue of the Mag HomeCooking Share. There's a little bit of all that and a huge dose of groove in the Funky French League, which is there to promote funk in all its forms through various means. We no longer present Brisa Roché, but his work still deserves to linger. Her latest album with Fred Fortuny is a gem. Speaking of incredible albums, Philippe Cohen-Solal's album recorded with Mike Lindsay, as a tribute to the artist Henry Darger, is also incredible. It will be our album of the month. Karimouche's freedom seems infinite. With a dose of love and humor, his musical UFOs both jostle and charm. One could say exactly the same thing for Zinda Reinhardt, in a different register, but also with this ability to fascinate and electrify the audience. And always beautiful discoveries: Eliott Jane, kazaizen, Orphic, The Electro Society, Vox Fractal, UltraJove, Lexi X, The Alien Cormorant, Egoist Records, our label of the month, news, favorites, reviews...

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