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#11 : October 2020 - thaïs

It's an evidence to see thaïs on the cover this month. Her actuality is propitious to talk about her, since her superb EP "Paradis Artificiel" will be released these days. And above all the artist is a symbol of a French-speaking pop scene decidedly more and more exciting. Many other artists to (re)discover as well. With some striking returns: La Phaze who returns in force with their "pungle" always as incisive. The return of John Lord Fonda on disc is also very pleasing, his dark techno always hits the bull's eye! In the discoveries section, we're betting on Myyora, whose solar aura is displayed on her pop, sometimes electro, sometimes acoustic. Our album of the month sends us to Estonia, where ELLIP has made an incredibly rich album, difficult to classify as it is so full of influences, between pop, trip-hop, drum'n bass... And then again and again beautiful musical encounters: RM Hendrix, a committed alt-pop alien, Varsity Star who can be seen as a future IDM hero, Slim & The Beast who makes us travel with their folk-pop, Glisz as an electronic aesthete, Ana Ford as a favorite / rap punch, Xavier Grant whose career breathes "deep & soulfull", the usual "Focus on" dedicated to Bloom's Taxonomy, and a "Colleague's Ear" dedicated to Radio Free Confi... Enjoy!

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#10 : September 2020 - ASM

On the cover this month : ASM - A State of Mind, whose releases are still generating a lot of excitement. And good news for the new school year, they are releasing a new album. The opportunity to sweep away 15 years of hip-hop in their company. Always in a hip-hop vein, Fold and their unstoppable groove from Leeds continues to charm and prepare some good surprises. Pyrame, cosmic and electronic poet presents his new EP, inspired and inexhaustible. This month, we take bets on Kiara Jones, whose neo-soul touches the sublime. Our alien of the month blurs the tracks and erases the boundaries between musical styles: RÊVERIE. The album of the month is short but intense. Albinos Congo is ready to fill our ears with a delirious rock style. We will also discover more about Violent Vickie on the occasion of the release of her album "Division", by Yul for whom the slogan "Electronic with no limit" fits perfectly, by Sarah Carton new London talent. And our label of the month likes to unleash techno and house talents: Faites Leur des Disques. And as always, news, album reviews... Enjoy!!

#09 : August 2020 - Bolivard

This month's cover: a springtime favourite that lasts all summer long! Bolivard and his unique universe made of pop, electronic and absurd regale again and again. We also fell in love with Abraham, whose hip-hop doesn't care about the borders between musical styles, or with Lucky Iris whose first alt-pop EP is particularly endearing. Short interview and presentations of Lemon, who moves Madchester to the Netherlands, but also of Mila Dietrich, an unavoidable actress of the Marseille Techno scene. We take the bets that we'll find Sydji and her limeless groove very high. Our album of the month sends us to Switzerland with Kark Kave & Durian, for a deeply cold-wave album. The label of the month: HIFI/LOFI, whose each release is appreciated over time, with each time nice guests. On the alien side, we'll talk about sexuality, on a rap/techno background with 3MMC. As every month, the Focus On... section is dedicated to LutchamaK this month. HomeCooking Share being a partner of the Crossroads Festival, we present you a special report, with an Ear of the Colleague left to Fred Lombard, a presentation of the artists, and a few words with Paprika Kinski and Johnnie Carwash. And then some news, reviews... Enjoy!!

#08 : July 2020 - VAPA

On the cover: an artist full of promise, who comes out after out confirms all the hopes placed in him. VAPA is now more than a hope, he clearly represents a new wave of eletronica made in France. Scratchattic, for their part, are swinging around delicious trip-hop/dub/breakbeats with great beats and exquisite samples. Loo & Monetti explore an electronic pop that can touch the mind as well as the body. Oner takes us on a tour of the south of Paris in his own way, all in beats. Pierlucien deconstructs pop to make it personal and close to his dancer's world. We also retrace the career of Apple Jelly, whose upcoming album, due out this autumn, will bring together more than just disco-punk fans. Ninety's Story and its French-pop, as well as Le Squid, an underwater alien, complete the discoveries. We also plunge into the album of TTRRUUCES, a huge pop-disco-psychédélique slap, we find the Focus On... dedicated to Jsundz, we take the bets that we will still hear a lot about Sory's retro and electronic funk and we decipher the universes of our label of the month: Ramrock Records. And then always news, reviews, and a free tribune to Anthony Joao from Punch Promo..

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#07 : June 2020 - Mentrix

Mentrix on the cover, it was like a no-brainer. Her album "My Enemy My Love" is overflowing with sincerity and deserves more than a detour. Equipped with classical Iranian instruments and rhythm boxes, she has managed to create a sublime musical UFO, which one never gets tired of. Let's also travel with Supergombo, whose Afro-funk influences almost go around the world, or with Gondhawa, which takes us even higher, to distant planets. We'll stay in space with Gary Rees, who is capable of composing music for (scaring away) moths, or with the label of the month - Third Colony Music - whose every release is like a space expedition, just like Thulium Ray, guest of "Focus On...". ». But we won't forget to make a stopover on Earth, discovering the journey of the fantastic chroonist Morgane Young Beezooz, an absolute favourite of spring and gone to last, but also Alvin Chris, who rapes as he breathes, Tommyjarvis who knows how to mix hip-hop and electronica as well as many other things with great dexterity, Peuk whose uncompromising rock gives us a huge desire for a crowd bath and strong music. We initiated the "Side Projects" series last month. This time it's Charlotte Cegarra who's doing it. But more than side-projects, it's an "artistic whole" that we discover today under the alias VoAxoV, after being half of Charlotte & Magon, or member of The Kilimandjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble. And the album of the month to finish: MHUD. A first album in the form of poetry between free-jazz and post-punk. We won't say any more, the best thing is to go and discover all that. And listen to it!

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#06 : May 2020 - Deleo

On the cover: Deleo. The band from Montpellier is about to release their first EP, which follows their single 'Unfair', and promises to be a pop smash. Our label of the month will be Cookie Records. Constantly looking for future gems, it's flooding with beautiful releases, without blinkers and without limits, such as Bolivard or Later. We're also going to discover Alyza, a soul chroonist from Sweden, HFDT, whose first album between funk and pop released last year announces an imminent release, Juno Francis and their 80's sounding electro-pop, Arkanna and their subtle trip-hop. This month we're betting on Amande, whose first EP '4D Pt.1' immediately seduced us with its spontaneity and lack of limits. Also to be found, the various projects of TSF (TomaSoundFactory), a Montreal artist who explores solo sounds between IDM and abstract hip-hop. But the man has other tricks up his sleeve? Our album of the month: Bonbon Noir. An ultra-ambitious project by a few former members of Flying Pooh to soundtrack a novel (which will also be released soon), between psychedelic rock and cinematic pop. And then some quick interviews: Cléa Vincent - whose EP 'Tropi-Cléa 2' brings its share of good humour, Moodssuply - disco-funk goldsmith, Strandtuch - House and Techno producer who has made live music his trademark, IA404 - alien pop electro...

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