leloopar - Nomad's land EP

Genre : Techno/Minimal Techno

Nomad's land is the new EP of leloopar, well known kick distributor on HomeCooking Share. 4 tracks with very different atmospheres but the same effects on our body and brain : a dance stimulation!

It's minimal but not only, electro but not only... Many facets of Techno are explored, successfully and efficiently!

Attys Luna - Perra

Genre : Breaks/Hip-Hop

The EP "Perra" - Spanish bitch and rapper in french verlan - goes the story of his Cuban Granny, goes through his love of moving images in Cinemattys, made a stop on Escribeat to talk about his relationship with writing to land on the story of a young woman too marginal to be loved with Perra. This EP is an odyssey of four titles in which each text bases an island to share.

The 4 tracks of the EP are so many sweet poems. A short but intense musical journey, rocked by the flow of Attys Luna and delicately melancholic and yet full of groove instrumental.

Fold - We're the Ones

Genre : Groove

Fold are a Leeds based collective exploring different ways in which narratives & poetry can be woven into music. They aim to honestly reflect the world of today, to speak truth clearly, and to represent diverse perspectives.

Their second album "We're the Ones" is a concentrate of groove, with multiple and hot infuences. Every corner is worth the detour! For a listening distracted or attentive to the smallest detail, "We're the Ones" will be a treat!