Marc Ayats - Cinquante

Genre : Techno

19 years and 50 releases for the French label A-Traction... And here is a little compilation to celebrate! The boss Marc Ayats takes the controllers, all that remains is to turn up the sound.

A 5-star cast, even better! A French Techno manifesto in all its splendour: the atmospheres are sometimes dark, electro, sometimes funky, futuristic. No need to name-drop (which would be too long anyway), the best is to listen and enjoy.

Can’t wait for the 100th release?

Parson Jones - Clear as Day

Genre : Pop / Groove

Grab a good California pop-made spoon, add a huge amount of sexy bass-filled groove, insert a pinch of hip-hop, and entrust the mix to Parson Jones, the learned musical leather makers.

You will get a sunny cocktail, vitaminated, with implacable melodies. It remains only to savor, without any risk of indigestion, only of immediate addiction!

A good dose of feel good! Thank you for this dream of a permanent summer!

Tommyarvis & Dave JR - Horizon II

Genre : Hip-Hop / Rap

Fasten your belts! Horizon II is much more stupefying than a simple association between a beatmaker and an MC. A cavalcade of futuristic beats that perfectly match a complex and polyform flow.

One magnifies the other and vice versa, to make only one. Electronic influences, more classical hip-hop... Everything seems to be rushing at high speed but with an impressive technical mastery.

Immediate take-off to a resolutely futuristic hip hop!

Trip for Léon - Perpetual Waves

Genre : Trip-Hop / Folk

Welcome to the musical intimacy of Trip for Léon, a private, deep and unique intimacy. Each of the 4 tracks of "Perpetual Waves" reveals another facet.

Their "trip-folk", carried by a crystalline voice and a sublime orchestration, is full of perfectly assumed influences. A discreet, glamorous beauty who knows how to love her listener.

By opening our eyes at the end of "Perpetual Waves", we dream only of closing them and plunging back into this universe...

ASM - Color Wheel

Genre : Hip-Hop / Rap

New album for ASM, freshly landed on the incredible label Chinese Man Records! Immediately recognizable by the flow of its 2 MC’s, "Color Wheel" is also distinguished by its fantastic rhythmic agility.

It’s impossible to remain marble in front of this succession of nuances, these hues of funk, this escalades of powerful boom-bap beats, these inspired featurings. All the old-school hip-hop codes are magnified!

Each time you throw this color wheel, you will fall on an auditory delight!

Bulletone - Endless Love

Genre : Beats / Hip-Hop

Bulletone, young French beatmaker, offers with "Endless Love" three visions of the art of beatmaking. No featuring, only 100% Bulletone! The EP is short, but like his music: incisive.

Vaporous and dreamy melodies, precise and inspired beats and varied atmospheres are on the programme. And every time Bulletone’s talent makes it delicious.

Without artifice, direct, precise, "Endless Love" hits the goal from the first shot!

Cølibri - No Rest for the Wicked

Genre : IDM / Electronica

No rest for the wicked... But Cølibri is far from being one, and delivers us a work decidedly positive musically. This EP is a game of shadows and lights, where the two manage to mingle, leaving hope for a ray of sunshine.

Cølibri’s imagination is fascinating, and the guy manages to get us inside. During 6 wonderful sound escapades, one invites oneself in one of his dreams.

A dream of a better world!

Dallas Cosmas - Alpha Beta Gamma

Genre : Soul / Indie Rock

Here is an album that bears his name well! "Alpha Beta Gamma", like a primer of soul music, in the broad sense of the term. This music has a soul. Everything here seems to be carried by grace.

When Dallas Cosmas summons his friends from the label Prototype Musique, on which this album is released, they get in tune and come to further enhance the work. Everyone coming humbly to bring their stone to this beautiful building.

A deeply human album, which we must recommend!

Piksel - Places

Genre : Ambient / Experimental

Places is the soundtrack of a multimedia show exploring the meaning of transition through contemporary dance, projected animations and live electronic music.

Places is also a great audio drama. A show for demanding and open minded ears. A mental music, to listen to the headphones, loud, to appreciate all the details and sublime textures.

Places is ideal for an introspective trip! But also to share!

Fastlane Candies - Polygene

Genre : Pop / Synthpop

In biology, a polygen is a group of genes that influence a trait of the phenotype. Complex and exciting...

In music this could be a vision of "50 shades of pop"! Sometimes electro-pop, classic pop, pop-punk, synthpop, cold-pop-wave ... We must believe that Fastlane Candies would be able to make sound pop all that they touch.

The most impressive thing is that everything is good! And that despite these multiple directions, the whole remains very coherent and exciting from end to end! Complex and exciting so...

Poolhouse - Moon River Rock

Genre : Indie Rock / Psychedelic

Entering a second state thanks to the music is particularly enjoyable! With this album of Poolhouse, all the ingredients are there to make it happen!

Psychedelic sounds, haunting voices, tempo changes... And of course this dose of talent that makes it possible to get carried away by sounds!

Multiple influences pooled with maestria to make the listener under influences!

Hollowave - Je me noie

Genre : Electronica / Trip-Hop

To wait for the release of their next EP, nothing like a little dive in "Je me noie" from Hollowave. Their electronica is of an icy, striking beauty!

Like a polar wind, the tracks of "Je me noie" can make the hair stand up. By closing the eyes, we can see an aurora borealis...

Ideal for a gentle awakening of the senses on a misty Sunday morning!

The Lighthouse - Whatever Comes Our Way

Genre : Pop / Indie Rock

12 tracks in all colors! This is what The Lighthouse offers on their album "Whatever comes our Way". This could be a musical echo like "50 shades of Pop"

Because in addition to telling us a story, the guys decided to stretch our ears with an inspired and influenced pop. Whether it is tinged with rock, funk or psychedelic, their music is always served with class.

When the search for detail is mixed up the pop immediacy... Our ears thank you!

SomeElectronicCookin - Slice of Life

Genre : Techno / Minimal

SomeElectronicCookin’s Techno is dark and minimal, but mostly very inspired. The man has found a way to give serious ants in the legs, while working our brain to make it spin!

Because in addition to being a bomb destined to ignite dancefloor demanding, the mental side of the 2 tracks of "Slice of Life" (and the remix) brings an additional touch, that we will not complain about!

Minimal but not linear, we do not gallop on the highway of simplistic DJ tools! But we revel in all the details provided by SomeElectronicCookin, while advancing to very bright alum! Guaranteed strong sensations!

Trentemøller - Obverse

Genre : Electronica

A new Trentemøller album is expected as the daily opening of the Advent calendar in December... We know in advance that we will enjoy ourselves, but we appreciate the surprise of knowing what lies behind the box of the day...

No bad surprise, "Obverse" is delicious! No surprise because we know that Trentemøller is a superb sound maker. But the Cold Wave influence, the few inspired featurings give a particular flavor to the album.

Dark and bright at the same time, "Obverse" is all in contrast. Fortunately, unlike a chocolate, once consumed, you can use it again and enjoy the work even more!

Edad Del Pavo - Novetats

Genre : Indie Rock / Instrumental

Novetats is a beautiful collection of instrumental improvisations, with Latin influences on indie-rock background. Quite a program! Listening to it, we let ourselves be lulled by these acoustic rhymes. At some point, we hear the sound of the waves: they fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the EP.

It is Chill, but in the noble sense of the term! Novetats is like a relaxation session, an awakening of the senses in music. Just let it go!

It is often through simplicity that we best achieve our goal! Proof in 7 tracks!

Black Pumas - Black Pumas

Genre : Groove / Soul

A lesson in groove !! The music of Black Pumas reaches a level of sensuality and immense warmth, evoking as much a romantic sunrise, as a crazy night of ecstatic dance.

Eric Burton’s velvet (but feline) voice is carried by an instrumentation that seems to come from jams sessions of a superheated and inspired big-band!

Black Pumas is superbly contemporary, while drawing the quintessence of older influences. All with a huge class.

Neon Fiji - Hemisferic

Genre : Ambient / Electronica

A small desire to spend a quarter of an hour in the company of synths? Jump on the new EP of Neon Fiji! Throughout these 7 tracks, relatively short for most, the artist offers us a 100% synthetic and exciting jam!

A bit of ambient, some 90's keyboards and an electronica background, Neon Fiji's tracks evoke as much a lunar walk as an immersion in a video game.

Welcome to the dreamlike and phantasmagorical universe of Neon Fiji

Jonathann Cast - Our Vision of EBM

Genre : EBM / Techno

Dark, brutal, martial! Jonathann Cast gives us his vision of EBM, and no counterfeit in sight! Without concessions, the slogans hammered by his guests echo the atmosphere of beyond the grave proposed by Jonathann.

No respite, no rest, the intensity remains at its maximum throughout the 3 tracks! A post-apocalyptic dancefloor could exist: here is the proof!

What to delight any amateur of the genre, but also to initiate the uninhabited! Under its dark tunes, the music of Jonathann Cast wants us good!

Spiderman Pterodactyl - Spiderman Pterodactyl

Genre : Electronica / Pop / Folk

On the menu: a little bit of folk, a few pinches of subtle electronica on a background of sweet and dreamy pop. This is what the Montreal based band Spiderman Pterodactyl proposes to serve.

Each plate offers a different atmosphere, in turn, dark, deep, bright ... There is something for everyone but it is essential to taste everything! Each ingredient seems perfectly dosed, and manages to sublimate others.

It's to discover and enjoy without moderation!

Zimmer - Zimmer

Genre : Electronic / Alien

Released on the famous French label Roche Musique, here is Zimmer's album, soberly titled Zimmer. Zimmer (the album) is a real alien! To be somewhere between electro, pop, disco.

As with any alien, we navigate somewhere in space. Every planet visited is beautiful! Sometimes we meet other people, who perfectly complement the guided tour of Zimmer (the artist) (the featurings of Laumé and Panama).

The whole is futuristic, synthetic and especially deeply endearing! Thanks Zimmer for this visit!

James Z - J&P

Genre : Groove / Hip-Hop

"Urban Groove " ... In short, it's a perfect summary of James Z's music. 5 enthusiastic tracks for an entry into the exciting world of James Z.

We let ourselves be carried by the voice and singing atypical, we let ourselves be charmed by the whirlwinds of brass! James Z manages to transmit a great heat, a heat both urban and sensual!

Impossible to stay marble! "J & P" is a musical melting pot that will delight any Groove enthusiast in the broadest sense!

Magnetic Rust - La Chute

Genre : Electronic / IDM

Deep diving in a world of synthetic poetry! Magnetic Rust’s music is abstract, dark and intense. The 3 interludes offer us some breaths, between two industrial landscapes!

Magnetic Rust manages to release real and deep emotions from his music, purely instrumental and synthetic, evidence of obvious talent and inspiration!

Like a soundtrack of a dark and disturbing film, that only remains to be imagined!

HFDT - Time is Up

Genre : Groove / Dance

Boarding for a musical time travel! HFDT takes us through the decades aboard its musical spaceship! Take out the mirror ball, it is essential to immerse yourself in the world of HFDT.

All facets of dance music are here for a festive orgy, and especially not nostalgic: disco colors, funky bass, pop vocals ... Each track could be a huge hit!

A real cure of happiness in music! "Time is Up" should be reimbursed by Social Security !!

Big Crease - Old Spirit

Genre : Hip-Hop / Rap / Jazz

Armed with its unique flow, Big Crease delivers us a new album, to listen in one go for a better immersion in the world of the artist!

The sounds are classy, tinged with jazz. Big Brease has a message to convey, but so do it gently, and warmly, with different atmospheres!

This is a real treat for the ears, for lovers of hip-hop, but also jazz, blues, funk, rnb ... in fact for any open-minded listener!

Pyrame - A FIne Life

Genre : Electronic / Disco / Pop

New release of the excellent label HiFi / Lofi Records, this EP has to be taken as a labyrinth, in which it would be a pleasure to get lost! Each outline allows us to have a different and always pleasant glimpse of the music of Pyrame!

Disco, electro, pop, electronica, often all at the same time, the musical mille-feuille of Pyrame is tasted without moderation!

And for the greediest, the guy knows how to surround himself: the proof with the 4 remixes (Rodion, Acid Washed, Omer and Days of Being Wild) that go with the EP. Explosive, complex and delicious!

Bricolage - 0141

Genre : Electronic / IDM / Ambient

To celebrate its 4 years of activity, the label from Glasgow Bricolage has the good idea to release a small compilation. Each artist gives us an electronic epic, between Ambient, IDM and furious Breakbeats!

It's a compilation, but it could be an album! It's incredibly coherent and yet each artist has a unique universe.

Composed only of Glasgow artists, 0141 gives a magnificent image of this city: at once beautiful, industrial but dreamy. A beautiful postcard somehow!

Dar.Ra - New Kinda Normal

Genre : Rock

Dar.Ra's music may at first seem classically rock. But each track of "New Kinda Normal" is an epic, between Rock'n Roll, fury Brit-pop under influences, Madchester backfire ...

As much ready to make the crowds scream, to dance the most refractory, Dar.Ra manages to find a nice balance over the duration of the album, unveiling his very personal universe and as exciting as electric!

Icing on the cake, the 3 remixes at the end of the album ... 30 years ago a certain second Summer of Love ...

Kopper - Fading Fires

Genre : Rock / Post-Punk

Kopper sends a lot for his first EP. Deep knobs, guitars in fury, punk energy. But after the chaos comes the light.

In contrast, the 4 tracks of "Fading Fires" are as dark as they are bright. We love to enjoy this sunrise on a field of ruin.

To listen loudly! It's beautiful and powerful.

Joshua Seigel - Florentine Candy

Genre : Electronic / Alien

"Florentine Candy" must be listened to with headphones, loudly, in order to be completely isolated from the outside world, and be immersed completely in this musical experience!

For his first album Joshua Seigel takes us into a highly cinematic world, an imaginary movie where each track could be the set. Sometimes dark, deep, light, disturbing, the scenes follow each other, charming always more curious listeners!

Close your eyes, the images will come alone, that's for sure!

Fifth Lucky Dragon - Asymmetric

Genre : Pop / Alien

Fifth Lucky Dragon seems to master perfectly the art of the counter-foot! Each song of "Asymmetric" multiplies the false tracks, comes out of beaten whole. Many facets of pop are explored.

But no indigestion in sight, despite as many influences as minutes spent with Fifth Luck Dragon! The whole album is completely coherent.

Just let go and follow the band with your eyes closed! We will go with pleasure where they want to lead us!

Panaviscope - Kiss Yourself to Death

Genre : Pop / Psychedelic

The music of Panaviscope is complex, rich, and especially damn psychedlic! And yet the potential of demonic hit!

Listening to the 4 tracks of "Kiss Yourself to Death", one could imagine a mega big band, as the ideas seem teeming. And yet Panaviscope is a solo project ...

Still, if you want to spend a quarter of an hour of happiness in music, no need to go further, this is where it happens!

Jay Marwaha - It was fun while it lasted

Genre : Groove / Soul

From the first notes of "It was fun while it lasted", the charm operates. The low voice of soul crooner Jay Marwaha arises gradually and very quickly we know that the first impression was good!

At the same time very coherent but varied in the atmospheres, the album is listened to in one go.

This album is a sweetness, a candy that you want to keep as long as possible in your mouth.

The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band - Fire Sign EP

Genre : Electronic / Alien

The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band is back, with an EP in line with its previous productions: explosive and inventive.

One would think that the machines took control of the studio to organize a small frenetic jam session! It goes in all directions, like a kettle of groove brought to ebullition!


Amaal - Black Dove

Genre : RnB / Soul

A slow and languorous tempo, round bass, some keys of keyboards and a sweet voice. We hold here the ingredients for making an R & B disc.

But to make the result delicious, it is necessary that the artist manages to find the right dosages, and especially works with quality products, which is managed perfectly by Amaal throughout these 6 titles.

To consume and share without moderation!

THÉA - Voices

Genre : Pop / Trip-Hop

"Voices" is aptly named! Besides the fact that the crystal voice of Théa envelops us throughout these 4 tracks, each sound comes from the voice of THÉA!

Beyond the boldness of this ambitious project, it is the success that is to report. It's a dive without respite in an intimate and deep universe, but whose beauty makes us admire each corner.

These 4 tracks are proof that the voice can become a magnificent instrument, and more than enough to cause a beautiful rise in emotions!

A. Billi Free - I Luma

Genre : Groove

Surrounded by gifted instrumentalists, the producer duo Tensei magnifies the soulful soul of A. Billi Free.

This is a true Groove manifesto that is delivered here. At the same time borrowing from the past and a foot in the future, "I Luma" makes us travel back in time, aboard a ship that could be transformed at any time into a moist dancefloor!

Vinuela / Rosenberg - Borderless

Genre : Ambient

"Borderless" is a new collaborative project of Viñu-vinu and Nico Rosenberg, released on German label Seil Records. A 5 track ambient delight.

"Borderless" is a caress, which envelops us as we listen. Here the meeting of hot and cold is not lukewarm. Darkness coexists with light, to sublimate it. A beautiful work, which calls to contemplation, to the introspection or just to the pleasure of the ears.

Amø - Loft

Genre : Hip-Hop/French Rap

Amø, french rapper has just released my second project, an EP 10 tracks entirely self-produced entitled "Loft" with soulful tendency and sounds "vintage".

The jazz influence is immediate, engaging all along the EP. Amø's flow seems straight out of the backrooms of a jazz club filthy in appearance, but delicate and subtle from his musicians!

leloopar - Nomad's land EP

Genre : Techno/Minimal Techno

Nomad's land is the new EP of leloopar, well known kick distributor on HomeCooking Share. 4 tracks with very different atmospheres but the same effects on our body and brain : a dance stimulation!

It's minimal but not only, electro but not only... Many facets of Techno are explored, successfully and efficiently!

Attys Luna - Perra

Genre : Breaks/Hip-Hop

The EP "Perra" - Spanish bitch and rapper in french verlan - goes the story of his Cuban Granny, goes through his love of moving images in Cinemattys, made a stop on Escribeat to talk about his relationship with writing to land on the story of a young woman too marginal to be loved with Perra. This EP is an odyssey of four titles in which each text bases an island to share.

The 4 tracks of the EP are so many sweet poems. A short but intense musical journey, rocked by the flow of Attys Luna and delicately melancholic and yet full of groove instrumental.

Fold - We're the Ones

Genre : Groove

Fold are a Leeds based collective exploring different ways in which narratives & poetry can be woven into music. They aim to honestly reflect the world of today, to speak truth clearly, and to represent diverse perspectives.

Their second album "We're the Ones" is a concentrate of groove, with multiple and hot infuences. Every corner is worth the detour! For a listening distracted or attentive to the smallest detail, "We're the Ones" will be a treat!