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Eilis Frawley - Adult Life

Genre : Alien

Classically trained, Eilis Frawley is also a great fan of the drums. Obviously the format of her songs is affected, and of course the drum level is extremely high. Where it becomes very interesting beyond the circle of drummers is that the artist is moving towards an electro-spoken word surrounded by more classical instruments.

And where it becomes fascinating is in the ease with which Eilis Frawley makes these improbable mixes obvious. Adult Life would almost sound pop while we're looking at a real UFO in front of us.

La Mer - Stomach Aches

Genre : Electronica

To qualify this beautiful EP of La Mer one could try "deep-electronica". Indeed, the deep layers mix with melodies and electronics all along the 5 tracks.

And then, at times, surprise, a small voluntary exit of road, towards more experimental sonorities, or sometimes more abstract hip-hop. The good news is that La Mer does not show off its technical skills, but rather seeks to provoke emotions.

This goal has been achieved, and the icing on the cake is the high quality of the sound!

AZ Rotator - Look Inside

Genre : Electronic / Ambient

This is indeed a surprising album! Seen from afar, AZ Rotator delivers here an ambient album, with 10 soundscapes all in quietness.

But if you take a good look at it, the sounds we hear in "Look Inside" are not just that. If we have our dose of synthetic strings, AZ Rotator will play with other strings, with for example almost 80's sounds.

Surprising certainly, minimalist also, intimist and fascinating in the end... Simplicity and melancholy go hand in hand; the whole is put into sound with great dexterity. And the sincerity of a fully completed project!

Itzama - Itzama

Genre : Pop

Like a road-trip through France at the wheel of an old 2CV, windows wide open, hair in the wind... Itzama is a pop without age, without nostalgia either.

Sometimes kitsch, sometimes psychedelic, they create a "French Touch" pop that only looks like them, with an offbeat universe. The road trip is sometimes urban, very often more dreamlike and contemplative. It's in all this diversity that we appreciate the journey.

Of course it is recommended to turn up the sound, you can even play the 6 tracks of the EP in a loop, we will make each time beautiful encounters.

Under the Reefs Orchestra - Under the Reefs Orchestra

Genre : Jazz / Alien

Classical instruments (guitar, drums, brass...), and a way of treating them far from classical. Like a beautiful convoluted orchestra, the group formed around guitarist Clément Nourry reveals a music of infinite richness.

As if they manage to draw the quintessence of their instruments, diverting them from their initial use.

Each track evokes an inspiration, an atmosphere and wears it out to the string, in a free-jazz vein pushed to the limit and with impressive dexterity. And the diversity of the ensemble drives the point home, it is an album definitely recommended.

Mani Deiz - Yesterday

Genre : Alien

Mani Deiz is a well-known beatmaker in the French hip-hop scene. But here he dares an album far removed from his usual productions. No sample in sight on 'Yesterday', no boom-bap beats either and more dreamlike, contemplative compositions.

The risk is assumed and well assured. The album is luminous, almost pop in its structure, although more complex than it might seem at first glance.

Each track reveals itself as a beautiful postcard, an invitation to a journey to an imaginary country.

SOCIOPARK - Poseidon

Genre : Trip-Hop / Experimental Hip-Hop

Aah, it's so nice to see Sociopark on a long format. Seeing that the successive favorites for their individually released tracks continues over time.

To see that their experimental hip-hop shows itself in a multitude of shades, that a few strings can press where needed to create their own ambiences... The voices respond to each other in echo, like a dialogue, in turn raising the tension.

Poseidon' is a great success, dark, disturbing and spiritual, a slice of hip-hop that goes very far.

Christophe Menassier - The Unknown Movie

Genre : Alien / Soundtrack

'The Unknown movie', as its name suggests, is the soundtrack of a movie that doesn't exist. Every moment of the record seems to reveal an emotion, a place, a smell...

Like so many detours and details that allow the listener to create his own film, the 12 instrumental tracks of the album are immensely bewitching, 'The Unknown Movie' is beautiful from beginning to end, in all simplicity.

Let's close our eyes and give free rein to our imagination, or even introspection, Christophe Menassier is there to guide us.

Bolivard - Dr. Bolivard

Genre : Pop

"This isn't an album, it's a cure," says Bolivard in a video presentation of the work. And after listening to it, that's an understatement!

Whether he's talking about life or death, saving Patrick Balkany or what he actually wants, Bolivard does it with immense grace, between 70's pop, disco and electro-pop (and a lot of other things).

Don't trust the image, Bolivard's music isn't black and white, but rather an explosion of colours, a sort of joyfully delirious kaleidoscope. Thank you Dr. Bolivard!

R E M Y - L

Genre : Electronic

'L' is the story of R E M Y, an artist whose life is turned upside down by fatherhood. An emotion that needs no words to be described, and which the artist humbly sets to music.

Four tracks for four stages between the announcement and the arrival of the child, a multitude of beautiful feelings that R E M Y shares with us.

We plunge into the artist's intimate diary, into his moods, doubts, joys, transcribed in an electronic full of subtleties, in a musical exposure of great class.

leloopar - Error Handling

Genre : Techno

Beware storm warning! leloopar is a kick expert, and offers here 4 tracks without concessions, even if the opening takes time to fly away, in a dark-ambient atmosphere.

The atmosphere remains dark from end to end, like a soundtrack describing various feelings of anxiety.

Not linear for a penny 'Error Handling' will delight fans of brutal techno as much as the curious of dark sounds from all horizons.

Magnetic Rust - Fragile

Genre : IDM

It was expected, it's here! Magnetic Rust's new album sounds profoundly human, all in paradox because it is 100% synthetic and instrumental.

But each track fits completely to the title, and above all we are struck by the soul that comes out of each composition. 'Fragile' is an electronic punch album, an acknowledgement of a dehumanized society. It's obviously very dark overall.

But the light sometimes manages to make its place, as a reason for hope...

Sory - Fall N'Rise

Genre : Electro-pop

Electro, pop, funk, disco... Everything passes through Sory's hands for his first EP. A rich menu without any risk of indigestion, everything is subtly dosed.

Fall N'Rise has a strong 80's smell, in the good sense of the word, updating the "good" codes of these sounds.

Funky synths, a mid-tempo beat, a disco-pop voice and Sory's talent: it's all good!

In The Can - Welcome

Genre : Rock

In the Can is the kind of band that would be at the top of the bill. And 'Welcome' at the top of the charts...

In the meantime, here's a record whose energy mixed with the talent of composition makes listening ultra addictive. From beginning to end, In the Can sends a crazy power, with some moments of quietness more melancholic and calm, never soft that said.

A record that takes up all the good codes of Rock of the last 50 years with a crazy modernity.

Dantec (3p) - Hall of Fame

Genre : Trip-Hop / Alien

An artist inspired as much by trip-hop, punk as by hard-techno, it's bound to make sparks fly!

New EP from Dantec(3p), 'Hall of Fame' doesn't make it lie. It smells like sulfur, energy, it's spinning out of control at any moment. When the tempo becomes calmer, you can feel that the tension is there and that it can explode at any moment.

No limits, no taboos, it's crazy and uncontrollable, dark and full of vitamins. A highly flammable alien!

Cléa Vincent - Tropi-Cléa 2

Genre : Pop

Sometimes a record comes at just the right time. To get us out of any kind of torpor, the ideal remedy could be this "Tropi-Cléa 2".

Lightness, bossa-nova pop, hot and wild rhythms, everything comes together for a euphoric cocktail. (With rum inside of course). Cléa Vincent sends out a broad call to party and smile, more than just responding positively to her invitation.

When you think that it was recorded in just a few days...

Moon Wave - Carved in Sand

Genre : Groove

So 'Carved in Sand' is already off to a flying start, with the exhilarating disco-funky-house of 'Get Together'. Can it keep pace?

Yes, definitely! After a funky-alien-downtempo duet with the brilliant Puppertmastaz, we are won over! And the rest remains the same (high level), pushing the boundaries of disco even further.

And the final remix of 'Song for Nick' by You Man that drives the point home even deeper... Great class!

Gold Mass - Transitions

Genre : Trip-Hop

'Transitions' is as beautiful as an intimate, visceral song. Taking up the codes of a classic trip-hop, with its slow rhythm, its orchestral flights, Gold Mass plays with emotions.

By expressing her own, she manages to arouse them by auditory transfer, in large quantities. We are far from a concept of psychoanalysis in music, however. Gold Mass takes us where she wants us, with alternating light and dark zones.

We can only follow her, bewitched by the song of a siren who wants us to do good.

Emancipator - Mountain of Memory

Genre : Downtempo

Obviously this new Emancipator album was eagerly awaited by his (many) fans. Of course, the Emancipator 'sound' is there too!

We are treated to the auditory miracle of this wizard of sound textures, to beats with impressive limpidity, to a warm and sensual groove...

No surprise, but the advantage is that, fan of the first hour or not, this album can only enchant us!

Sydji - Why So Serious?

Genre : Groove

Her previous EP was a real hit, Sydji transforms the essay on this long format! If the formula remains the same, namely a mix of warm and groovy sounds, with hip-hop and deep-house influences, 'Why So Serious?' shows that it also works over time.

Against a background of funky synths, Sydji lays down his warm voice and explores a whole musical palette, with inspiration, talent and warmth in common.

The flirt with Sydji's music can be transformed into a serious romance!

Dowdelin - Poul Wélélé

Genre : Groove / Alien

A unique feeling, a refined blend of Creole jazz, Caribbean groove and electronic touches! It's irresistible and adventurous, modern and refreshing, it's a wild musical journey.

'Poul Wélélé' is a short and concise EP but time seems to evaporate when listening to it, becoming a secondary data. Anyway, multiple listening is not only possible but highly recommended.

Let's escape with Dowdelin! The trip promises to be very pleasant, we would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it.

Mentrix - My Enemy, My Love

Genre : Alien

Don't try to classify 'My Enemy My Love' in a 'World Music' box just because it's easy... Even if Mentrix claims her Iranian origins, by sounds and a lyricism which is strongly inspired by it.

No, this album is much richer than that, it's more like a UFO, a call to a physical and spiritual trance, a dry and arid poetry. Incantations rub shoulders with rhythm boxes, Iranian instruments emancipate themselves and magnify the voice of an authentic artist.

My Enemy My Love' is of a troubling and hypnotic beauty. One can only succumb to it.

Aya & Neverland - Sunstroke

Genre : Pop / Alien

'Sunstroke' is not really pop, but in an ideal musical world it would be, in the 'popular' sense of the word.

Filled with mystery and electronic psychedelia, Aya & Neverland's compositions are an ode to an introspective journey. Like a vocal chameleon, Aya adapts her intonations to convoluted, complex and perfectly sublimated tracks.

We risk to expose ourselves to this EP, until sunstroke, but it's safe, it's not painful!

Futuro Pelo - A Bigger Splash

Genre : Pop

Ex-Sporto Kantes (among others projects...), Benjamin Sportes is not at its first try! His crazy pop, full of ideas and voluntary road trips is a dose of life-saving vitamins in case of a difficult awakening.

With the advantage of not leaving a bad aftertaste in the mouth, just that pleasant sensation of hearing pleasure.

This album is an irresistible patchwork going in as many directions as you can imagine. But it's not Futuro Pelo that loses control, rather the listener taken by this obvious charm.

IA404 - Birdbrain

Genre : Pop / Electro

Not really pop, not really electro, and above all... not at all softly in between! Birdbrain is direct, powerful, dry and rough. And these 6 tracks have an immediate pop potential.

This EP is a nice example of pop that transports us to a dancefloor, but not only. With a cavalcade of crazy synths, beats that hit the bull's eye, IA404 leaves little time for breathing, except when they voluntarily leave a quiet space in the middle of the EP.

With IA404, an alien takes control of us for about twenty minutes...

Boeyylee - South

Genre : Hip-Hop

Head south! In Kenya to be precise, in the company of Boeyylee with this album where the sincerity of the artist is exposed, so much it seems personal!

His flow, immediately recognizable, takes on intonations as diverse as his beats allow. The sound is direct, powerful, incisive. But Boeyylee also knows how to make itself softer and jazzy.

South is a musical chameleon, with which you will enjoy camouflaging yourself!

Hania Obeah - Mind Code

Genre : Downtempo

Ouch! We missed 'Mind Code' when it was released in 2019... And it's urgent to make up for the mistake so as not to have big regrets.

Hania Obeah is a talented multi-instrumentalist, who knows how to put his technical dexterity at the service of a dreamy inspiration. To the annoying technical flights, Hania Obeah prefers the apparent simplicity of an highly atmospheric music, appeasing as an ambient masterpiece, demanding as an adventurous abstract hip-hop.

It's both within everyone’s reach, and a delight for discerning listeners!

Hundreds - The Current

Genre : Pop

Lots of pop with a little bit of electro inside and a bright album. If the recipe is common, its treatment by Hundreds is delightful.

With a dozen songs that are both exciting and mystical, the album amazes with its diversity and consistency. And then we take immense pleasure in letting this enchanting voice walk on these luminous keyboards.

Exactly what one can expect from a clearly pop and adventurous album!

AGAT - New under the Sun

Genre : Pop / Electro-Pop

In these gloomy times, all good news is good to take. AGAT’s 'New Under the Sun' is one of these good news, a safe but addictive anti-depressant.

The AGAT pop is extremely enjoyable, it is a melting pot of influences, a dancing and intimate petarade at the same time. Without compromise, AGAT advances and unfolds various atmospheres while remaining consistent.

And on our side we can slowly let go, lose control and let ourselves be bewitched!

Eve Minor - 3:33

Genre : Alien

Eve Minor is a real musical alien: unclassifiable, elusive. But the sincerity of her music is obvious, from the first listening. With sound experiments between punk, metal, trap and many other things

Unclassifiable, provocative, dark... A multi-faceted album, but not a tote. Especially a true mirror of Eve Minor’s musical personality. It’s fascinating, you get caught in the gut by your confessions.

Half an hour of Punk sensibility or Pop violence, depending on your mood!

Chinese Man + Scratch Bandits Crew + Baja Frequencia - The Groove Sessions vol.5

Genre : Breaks / Hip-Hop

This is what happens when you lock up beat and groove wizards... For this 5th volume of the Groove Sessions of the excellent label Chinese Man Records, it's Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew and Baja Frequencia that stuck to it!

6 days locked in a secret laboratory in the mountains, a few guest friends, and out comes a storm of beats, an explosion of tropical grooves and inspired scratches. A real collaborative album, enjoyable!

We come out rinsed of having danced so much, the smile hanging on our face. And we start again! What a good idea to lock them up!