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#26 : February 2021 - Uèle Lamore : The Prodigy.

"Loom" will undoubtedly be one of the key albums of the beginning of the year. True prodigy of the music, Uèle Lamore enchants with this rich and exciting work. We also discover the explorations of Kwoon, the very personal return of Sara Schiralli, and the project "Le Loup" of Mai-Lan. Also on the program : Barbara Rivage, Gami, Justine Forever, Jaïa Rose, BOLD, After Geography, Adam Carpels, Anantakara, Eels (album of the month) and Zingiber Audio (label of the month).

#25 : December 2021 - BPM Contest : Chloé, the godmother of the contest.

Taisen, LineFive and Luufa : the winners

The BPM Contest, organized by the label Egoist Records, allows every year to highlight new talents of the electronic scene. Three winners this year, as eclectic as promising: LineFive, Taisen and Luufa. And a godmother of very first choice with Chloé, she who embodies the past, the present and the future of an electronic music without limits. Also on the program: the deep-house of Playin'4 The City, which crosses the decades without taking a wrinkle, the pop collages of Futuro Pelo which border on the irresistible, the experimental salsa hot shot of Mekanik Kantatik, the musical melting pot of Isa Somparé, the rock of Monitors put in live, Faubourg as a superhero of sound exploration and thems, a little electronic prodigy. Our label of the month celebrates its 10th anniversary: Cry Baby. We stay in the family with the album of the month, signed Léonie Pernet. We take bets on the fascinating experimental pop of Gilone. The "Focus On" section is dedicated to Watine. And then some reviews, news and a quick look back in time.

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#24 : November 2021 - KasbaH

The compilations and evenings "Musique de Fête" have marked the summer (and fall), with a boundless opening between electronic music and Maghreb / Middle East. Behind "Musique de Fête" hides KasbaH, as well as a collective united by values and a sense of celebration that tends towards the universal! Emily Loizeau has proposed with "I-Care" one of the most beautiful albums of the fall. We return with her on its genesis and its rock influence. Agnès Aokky is not yet (quite) at the album stage, but it will come very quickly. In the meantime, her poetry between words and sounds bewitches. It's hard to miss J-Silk, whose groove fits their name perfectly: silky. We take bets (without too much risk) on Club Célest, its electronic pop strong in groove and charms! The album of the month comes from Underdog Records: we embark on the deep soul of The Buttshakers, who just released "Arcadia". This month, it's the scandalous rock quintet AMBRE that honors us with a "focus on," and our label of the month celebrates its 10th anniversary as much as the night: Midnight Special Records. Et en vrac, des interviews, rencontres, portraits : Cyril Mokaeish, Julien Ribot, Sweeet Gum Tree, Cross-Channel Music, Purpleston, N.A.O

#23 : October 2021 - Petit Prince

Petit Prince had dazzled our turntables with his album "Les Plus Beaux Matins", here he is again with an EP of covers of some tracks from this album, revisited by and with a first class cast (Catastrophe, Léonie Pernet, David Walters...). For the rest, there is something to delight the eclectic ears, between the electronic project Lia Moon of Marine Berthaud, the dark and nocturnal pop of Phelto, the (many) sensitive projects of Frank Rabeyrolles, the delicacy of Sabrina Bellaouel, who alternates gracefully between RnB and more experimental electronics... We also evoke the grooves of Eméa and The Soulphoenixs, the electronic pop of MÂLE, the harp of Maël Isaac (but not only), the fascinating universe of Emmanuel Emo, the meeting of saxophone and techno in Human Pattern, the future album of Elena Setién. The "focus on" of the month is dedicated to Mystic Tommy, while two albums of the month could not be separated. So much the better, they are both incredible. So we listen in detail to the albums of BEATFOOT and DJ Seinfeld.

#22 : September 2021 - Olga Kouklaki

On the occasion of the release of her splendid third album, "Dusty Diamond", Olga Kouklaki honors us with her presence on the cover of HomeCooking Share magazine. The rest of the program dances between audacity and eclecticism, with a very high sound excitement cursor. We could talk about the last album and the future of Irene Drésel, the sublime percussive orchestral pop, rich in emotions of Aurus, the percussive and electronic shivers of Lucie Antunes, the overexcited musical trips of Baja Frequencia. And then, in bulk, to (re)discover: M.A.D., MyGlÖ, La Houle, Pehoz, Cheap House, Francoeur, Peter Spacey, Figurz. Our album of the month is signed H-Burns, Nowadays Records is our label of the month, and we present you an atypical place, endearing and favourable to beautiful musical meetings in Avignon:Le Tipi. And always : reviews, news, favorites !

#21 : August 2021 - Silly Boy Blue

Her debut EP made a lasting impression, Silly Boy Blue returns with an album that puts her directly over the "hope" box. She does us the honor of telling us about her journey, the creation of "Breakup Songs". The rest of the program goes off in all directions, allowing herself to mix and mingle and to go overboard. The Flymax Band and Leonz, in a daring rap register, Mona San, as a good studio wizard who combines technique and inspiration in a smashing electronic, Antita Dongilli who invites her violin in a dark and pop universe, Bloom Bat who colors lofi hip-hop with neo-soul, Elise Massoni, whose subtle electronic charm is irresistible. We also invite Ecran Total, who enchant with their subliminal Pop, we return to the pop & electronic album of Gatien. The "Focus On" section is dedicated to Lundi Bleu, whose vision of House music makes many legs shake with good taste, as well as that of our record of the month: "Collections" from the fantastic Pont Neuf Records. And a special "Rave" mini-feature, featuring KMK2, Paul Seul and LaurenEnjoy!

#20 : July 2021 - Mathilde Fernandez

"Sensible", her last EP, continues to squat our speakers. Mathilde Fernandez is on the cover of the July issue of HomeCooking Share magazine. The rest of the program is also very copious, full of adventurous discoveries. Pop music in all its forms, with Gaby, Galo DC and Louisadonna, the soulfulness of Eléonore, the UFO rap of Cutter... And then Jane's Death, whose rock-coldwave album will leave its mark on everyone, and the return of the legendary OURS. We leave the head in the clouds with LÜNE, and in the deepest of sounds with Maestracci. Our focus on... lingers on the duo Djakarta, and our album of the month makes a double stop with Yann Cleary, who tells in music his stay in Japan. And always: news, reviews.

#19 : June 2021 - Fixi & Nicolas Giraud : "Tempo Tempo !"

Sometimes, very rarely in fact, it happens that musical projects make the hair stand up as much as dance. Fixi and Nicolas Giraud, with their project "Tempo Tempo! Much more than a simple tribute to Tony Allen, it is an extension of a long and beautiful collaboration with the genius of Afrobeat. This month they explain the genesis of this project, in close connection with the memory of Tony Allen. The rest of the program will be very rich and diversified. Pop will take various forms thanks to Pastel Coast, Pierre, Falkevik or J.J.Ann, we will take a nice dose of grooves with Minuit 16. Hip-hop will also be honored, but going off the beaten track with Ghostown and LAO.B. As for electronic music, it will have as many directions as possible, with Faggia, Alessandro Baris, Abraham Fogg or the label Loci Records and our album of the month signed by Ô Lake. Enjoy!

#18 : May 2021 - Mira Ló

Back to a simple cover, but still with a thematic in the background. And the symbol of Mira Ló is strong: tolerance, love, respect with a quality House music! The theme? Some people think that a woman artist has to be beautiful to be given the microphone. At HomeCooking Share, we think that she just needs to be talented. So we also highlight Seleminga - and her EP that pushes the boundaries of trip-hop, u.r.trax - who is more than a Techno hopeful, Rebecca Goldberg - excellent representative of Detroit Techno, we're taking bets on Dorothée Doyer, we leave a free tribune to Cloé Gruhier... But also: Dimitri von Büren, the AT(h)OME label, La Grande Party, viñu-vinu, The Spang Sisters, Rainbow Sahana, Myoon, India Jordan, TSF. Enjoy!

#17 : April 2021 - Allebou, Goodson, Pess, Nedelko - the new faces of French Hip-Hop

To say that the French rap scene is active is an understatement. So rather than choosing one artist to highlight, this month four artists will share the cover, for the time of an exciting cross interview. Four talents, four facets of rap, four points of view that remind us how rich and inventive hip-hop can be. In addition to Goodson, Nedelko, Allebou and Pess who appear on the cover, we meet PLDG and Marco Mello, who each in their own way make the link between this French scene and its international cousins. And since we love eclecticism at HomeCooking Share, always more discoveries of indie universes without borders, with Pont-Neuf Records, our label of the month, Mathieu Saïkaly, Les Fils de Joie, Thérèse, Yamm Twenty-One, The Vibes Lobbyists, ODGE, Mumbling Thom, Atto Seguente, Special Request's DJ KICKS... Enjoy!

#16 : March 2021 - Mehari

"Fame," the latest single from Mehari was an integral favorite. Waiting for a (near) bright future for the Toulouse-based duo, their presence on the cover this month was an obvious choice. The rest of the program is placed under the sign of eclecticism, with, in bulk, the historical channel techno of Davidovitch, the completely futuristic one of our album of the month Nadsat, the groovy and sometimes technoid house from Frappé Records, the sublime folk of Metò, the #RAPELLES project, 100% Quebec and female hip-hop, a "Focus On..." dedicated to Gelatine Turner. And always full of discoveries: Gohu, Malvyna, Mel Aludra, RawB, Steroman, Mamfredos, Sébastien Guérive, Northmaän, news, reviews... Enjoy!!

#15 : February 2021 - Funky French League

Party, freedom, daring, sharing and love are on the program of this 15th issue of the Mag HomeCooking Share. There's a little bit of all that and a huge dose of groove in the Funky French League, which is there to promote funk in all its forms through various means. We no longer present Brisa Roché, but his work still deserves to linger. Her latest album with Fred Fortuny is a gem. Speaking of incredible albums, Philippe Cohen-Solal's album recorded with Mike Lindsay, as a tribute to the artist Henry Darger, is also incredible. It will be our album of the month. Karimouche's freedom seems infinite. With a dose of love and humor, his musical UFOs both jostle and charm. One could say exactly the same thing for Zinda Reinhardt, in a different register, but also with this ability to fascinate and electrify the audience. And always beautiful discoveries: Eliott Jane, kazaizen, Orphic, The Electro Society, Vox Fractal, UltraJove, Lexi X, The Alien Cormorant, Egoist Records, our label of the month, news, favorites, reviews...

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