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Welcome on HomeCooking Share, platform for sharing and broadcasting musical creations. The goal of the HomeCooking Share project is to offer a unique space where everyone could submit their creations, and share them with more people.The principle is very simple for artists. Just send a song, via the tab contact, and it will be online and available to all very quickly. No Likes or Followers, just the sharing of musical creations. The contacting can then be done simply via SoundCloud or Youtube.

You can take it a bit like a bar with musical themed rooms. You can come in 10 minutes, go to a room, listen to 2/3 songs and go back, or say "hey me too I play music"! Or if you want to listen "a little bit of everything" and that you are not (still) a regular of the places to take refuge in the monthly playlists ... Anyway, everything is possible if you like music and have a bose dose of thirst for discovery

The Mag HomeCooking Share

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The compilations and evenings "Musique de Fête" have marked the summer (and fall), with a boundless opening between electronic music and Maghreb / Middle East. Behind "Musique de Fête" hides KasbaH, as well as a collective united by values and a sense of celebration that tends towards the universal! Emily Loizeau has proposed with "I-Care" one of the most beautiful albums of the fall. We return with her on its genesis and its rock influence. Agnès Aokky is not yet (quite) at the album stage, but it will come very quickly. In the meantime, her poetry between words and sounds bewitches. It's hard to miss J-Silk, whose groove fits their name perfectly: silky. We take bets (without too much risk) on Club Célest, its electronic pop strong in groove and charms! The album of the month comes from Underdog Records: we embark on the deep soul of The Buttshakers, who just released "Arcadia". This month, it's the scandalous rock quintet AMBRE that honors us with a "focus on," and our label of the month celebrates its 10th anniversary as much as the night: Midnight Special Records. Et en vrac, des interviews, rencontres, portraits : Cyril Mokaeish, Julien Ribot, Sweeet Gum Tree, Cross-Channel Music, Purpleston, N.A.O

Track of The Day

Artist : Khai
Track : Bravest


The latest monthly playlist is available on Youtube, Deezer et Spotify. Here is the tracklist :

  • Feu! Chatterton - Ecran Total (Chloé Remix)
  • Justine Forever - Dream
  • PLDG - Kumbaya
  • Malibu - Vibin'
  • John Milk - Don't Blame the Hammer
  • Les Louanges - Qu'est ce que tu m'fais
  • Cee - Wait 'til morning (feat. The BLK LT$)
  • Miel de Montagne - Tomber sur toi
  • Luvanga - Luvanga
  • Blaues Einhorn - Pariser Nacht
  • Khai - Bravest
  • Ben Lupus - La tempête
  • Gustine - L'autre horizon
  • Albe - Elytres
  • Oh!Pilot - LOL Parade

Rules for artists

For artists, the only constraints will be:

- to have a Soundcloud account, or Youtube (this will allow songs to be put online and any contacts to follow).

- to respect the following rules: 1 track per week, original works and accept the subjective choice not to promote any style of music, to focus on what makes us vibrate, so unfortunately there will be boxes: Techno / House (EDM does not pass), Breaks / Hip-hop (breaks of any kind it leaves room), Rock/Pop/Electro-Pop (there is still wide), IDM / Aliens (there a lot will be return) and Groove.