Mag #06 (May) is now available!. And you can always get back the old numbers! (And the first one is always available for free integral download)


The latest monthly playlist is available on Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify:


Hollowave - Waiting for the day after

Peuk - Caveperson

TTRRUUCES - Evil Elephant

Unconditional Symptome - Slush pleasure (of muther's skein)

Bonbon Noir - An Absolute Beginner

Supergombo - Alien Felines from Beyond the Galaxy

Neist Season - Under Black Space - Live Session @t Home

New Bleach - Awake

VAPA - Nuages Oranges (feat. Charlotte Cegarra)

Karenin - Ripple

Strandtuch - Can't Go Out

Tez Cadey - Modular 3

Alvin Chris - Le Bon Mood

Silicon Beats - Passe Le Beat #1

Triple N - Ambition

On the cover this month, Deleo. The band from Montpellier is about to release their first EP, which follows their single 'Unfair', and promises to be a pop smash. Our label of the month will be Cookie Records. Constantly looking for future gems, the label is flooding with beautiful releases, without blinkers and without limits, such as Bolivard or Later. We're also going to discover Alyza, a soul crooner from Sweden, HFDT, whose first album between funk and pop released last year announces an imminent release, Juno Francis and their 80's sounding electro-pop, Arkanna and her subtle trip-hop. This month we're betting on Amande, whose first EP '4D Pt.1' immediately seduced us with its spontaneity and lack of limits. Also to be found, the various projects of TSF (TomaSoundFactory), a Montreal artist who explores solo sounds between IDM and abstract hip-hop. But the man has other tricks up his sleeve! Our album of the month: Bonbon Noir. An ultra-ambitious project by a few former members of Flying Pooh to soundtrack a novel (which will also be released soon), between psychedelic rock and cinematic pop. And then some quick interviews: Cléa Vincent - whose EP 'Tropi-Cléa 2' brings its share of good humour, Moodssupply - disco-funk goldsmith, Strandtuch - House and Techno producer who has made live music his trademark, IA404 - alien pop electro... And then news, reviews, and a 12 tracks playlist to accompany the sound image !


16/12/2019 : The first edition of the Mag HomeCooking Share is available on free download, here: here

23/10/2019 : Special Halloween Playlist, selected by Neon Fiji: here

09/08/2019 : New section, dedicated to EP/LP's releases, of artists passed by HomeCooking Share: Reviews

02/03/2019 :For the artists who want to help HomeCooking Share, it is now possible. You can submit your tracks by GROOVER.For those who will use this, advertisment will appear on HomeCooking Share

20/12/2018 : NEW!! : Each month, an artist will be presented on a specific page. This month Focus on... L4YØN

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30/11/2018 : They talk about HomeCooking Share : Thanks to KMS Reviews for their article.

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For artists, the only constraints will be:

- to have a Soundcloud account, or Youtube (this will allow songs to be put online and any contacts to follow).

- to respect the following rules: 1 track per week, original works and accept the subjective choice not to promote any style of music, to focus on what makes us vibrate, so unfortunately there will be boxes: Techno / House (EDM does not pass), Breaks / Hip-hop (breaks of any kind it leaves room), Rock/Pop/Electro-Pop (there is still wide), IDM / Aliens (there a lot will be return) and Groove.

Track of the day:

Giudi - NoBody