Music day gift

On this music day, a gift playlist is required. Immerse yourself in this pop universe, but a pop that goes off the beaten path! 15 tracks, 15 different worlds, 15 artists to discover as soon as possible!


1. Romann - Rhumeo

2. Kerguelen - Comme le froid

3. Sisterhood - Sisterhood

4. Fading Call - She Do

5. Skopitone Sisko - Sad Day

6. Sthlm Transit Club - ¨Pretend

7. Sirusho - Tightrope Walking

8. Charlie M - Et si j'interesse encore

9. Dona - Je te vois danser

10. Julia Clara - Shiver

11. J|L Jet Lag - L'oeil Doux

12. Jona Oak - Hey You

13. Neo10Y - Echo Chamber

14. I M - Onto the next one

15. Oli Hannaford - For you

The Pioneers

They were among the first artists using HomeCooking Share...

Enjoy this 20 track playlist!

Including tracks of iOAi, Neo10Y, Klepac, L4YON, I.G Kush, Moodssupply, In Albedo, The Yummy, Ulisess, Moz 2, Dolphinbrain, Bryonii & Steven Rutter, Raldo, Mutter Bernstein, TSF, Electric Dream, Tomcbumpz, Résonance, Loverboard and Poncho ...

South America Trip

New gift! And new destination! South America is not only samba and carnaval!

Enjoy this 12 track playlist from South America!

Including tracks of Nico Rosenberg, Bryan B., Hijos Amigos, Kinko, Moz2, \unexcoder, Ignacio Cantu...

French Touch playlist

Enjoy this new gift. A 20 track playlist of artists made in France!

Pop, House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Rock have a rendez-vous!

Including tracks of Basile de Suresnes, TSF, Fading Call, Charlie M, CeriseLune, Shakambo, Magnetic Rust, L4YON, The Clamps, UBC, Strandtuch, Lionel Gabel...

Valentine's gift(s)

New gift! It's Valentine's day and to celebrate this so commercial event, what better than a free gift? Everyone will celebrate it in its own way, so rather than one, here are 3 special "Valentine's Day" menus

Of course these menus are to share, and not necessarily face to face!!!

Make your choice!


Lover's menu

Sexy menu

Date with an alien menu

For the nostalgic, the Christmas playlist is always available here: