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Focus on... Sally Ann

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HomeCookingShare: To begin, who are you?

Sally Ann: I am a singer, actress and writer; Eurasian with Malaysian origin. I studied theater in Australia before coming here to Paris to train in musicals. I fell in love with France where I flourished and I stayed there.

HCS: How would you define your music?

Sally Ann: My music is the expression of my own experiences in a life close to madness.

HCS: What made you decide one day to embark on this musical adventure?

Sally Ann: I started to sing before I knew how to express myself. So this way seemed natural to me even if it is little considered in Asia). But, I first concentrated on the musical before my brother-in-law (musician of the rock band 'Finding Lost') composed my first song 'Fly', opening the doors of this universe.

HCS: Your influences?

Sally Ann: Being English-speaking and trained in musical theatre, I grew up listening to American and British music from Elvis Presley, Dean Martin to Muse. But when I was a child, I developed a taste for pop music on my own by singing songs by Shakira, Britney and Christina Aguilera. My sister, 10 years older than me, was more into rock music. She was unhappy with my musical choices and (a little) forced me to listen to classics like Nirvana, Oasis, Foo Fighters... I thank her for opening this door for me to be more versatile today.

HCS: The perfect track to cook?

Sally Ann: First I would have to learn how to cook better. For now, I would say Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' which lasts more than 5 minutes, which allows me to do a karaoke session knowing that at the end my microwaveable dish will be ready.

HCS: If you had to leave on a desert island with 3 discs: which ones?

Sally Ann: Muse: The 2nd Law, Chopin: Nocturne, Wicked (Musical Comedy)

HCS: Small technical point: with what material do you work?

Sally Ann: I use a platform called Soundation for the beats and samples... my piano, my violin, but above all my voice.

HCS: Not easy to break into the musical jungle, even with talent ... what do you think about it?

Sally Ann: Indeed, breaking through the musical jungle is as likely as winning the lottery. So I'm all about having fun, and if I can touch even one person with my lyrics, my story and my music, I've won.

HCS: And finally, if you have something to add, here we go!

Sally Ann: When I was a child, I would never have believed that it was possible to create your own music except with the right contacts, being born in the right place. But thanks to new applications and the many platforms available today, armed with a lot of passion and discipline, aspiring musicians can make their dreams come true. Follow your dreams!

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