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HomeCookingShare: To begin, who are you?

Ozibut: I'll have you know that in shady circles they call me OZIBUT. I am from Châteaubriant - France. I make music, videos and writings. I offer entertainment for people who are bored or not. Yes I like to do that, if I don't do that then I don't do anything. I like golf too.

HCS: How would you define your music?

Ozibut: I sing words in French on an electro instrumentation. In social lounges, to appear intelligent and to attribute a genre to myself, I sometimes call my music COLD-DANCE! Yes, you have to say it out loud like that! I mean, you know, you can dance while being sad. But I know that you're better at qualifying the music than I am, yes I know that, yes... Otherwise, on a parallel line to all that, I do songs like rock with The AlphaNumérik Orchestra, with real guitars in the song.

HCS: What made you decide one day to embark on this musical adventure?

Ozibut: It's because of my neighbour Sapiens from the PIZZA group with three Z's. I used to do shows without words, and once I came knocking on his door to ask him for coffee - I like robusta coffee a lot myself - but he didn't have any. So he recorded my voice singing for a song on his album (he was singing too, and then there were other people singing too). I liked doing that so I locked myself in my cupboard with paper and a microphone.

HCS: Your influences?

Ozibut: I don't like it when you say I'm a person under the influence! For someone who likes cooking, it's very rude... No, you mustn't say that, no... I can tell you that for example I like to listen to Franck Zappa and Die Antwoord, Laibach and Jacques Brel, Eminem and Dead Kennedys. For example, I like to listen to...

HCS: If you had to leave on a desert island with 3 discs: which ones?

Ozibut: If I was lucky enough to find myself on a deserted island of humans and sunshine, I'd only take one record: a single by Julien Doré. That way I'd be disgusted enough to never want to come back. It might also scare off the sea pigeons who are certainly still on this island you're talking about.

HCS: The perfect track to cook?

Ozibut: I like to cook pots and lentils, but so as not to spoil this festive moment I don't listen to music. I prefer to hear the sound of the knife slicing a leek (or my little finger if it doesn't answer me).

HCS: Small technical point: with what material do you work?

Ozibut: The raw material is little musical loops that I find on the internet (there are people who give them away, yeah it's nice to give), then I use a computer that I saved from the rubbish dump to mix them and make instrumentations, and then I sing on them with my voice. For concerts I use lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish.

HCS: Not easy to break into the musical jungle, even with talent ... what do you think about it?

Ozibut: I'm glad you recognize that I have talent! That's cute! People often forget to say it, they ask me first if I make money... I don't really like the jungle, there are always squirrels that can attack you when you don't sleep ! As for drilling, I don't really know how to do it... But I'm counting on you, yes, I'm sure you'll help me!

HCS: And finally, if you have something to add (pretty much what you want ...), here we go!

Ozibut: There's going to be month nine, month ten, month eleven, month twelve, and then it's going to be the year 2021. And so it will be the release of a second album, a new short film (yes, I've already made one called "Ozibut - Les oreilles de la tête") and a first novel. You can also come to see me at my concerts, there you can make autographed photos, or you can make j'aime and share them. When I'm dead I'd like to be stuffed please. Thanks a lot to you for asking me questions, it made me feel good.

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