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L'article en français

Augustin and Charles, the two brothers of Myoon, make electro-pop in their own way. It is elegant, made of classy melodies and subtle arrangements. Their successive singles are plays of lights all in contrast to overflowing of energy.

To begin with, who are you?

Two brothers, an independent electro music duo, signed to the InsideRecords label.

How would you define your music?

Indie electro pop.

What made you decide to embark on this musical adventure one day?

Our passion for music, wave synths and pop melodies brought us together. We come from different artistic backgrounds: one is a composer/DJ, the other is an actor/performer. A few years ago we wanted to create something together. We took the plunge, tested sounds, worked on songs... Since then the adventure has grown and we are very grateful.

Your influences ?

Wow, so many influences inspire us, musical and cinematographic especially, but since we have to choose: Phoenix, Herbie Hancock, U2, Daft Punk, Interpol, Childish Gambino, Cigarettes after sex, Ryuishi Sakamoto, Ridley Scott, Feu Chatterton !, John Williams, Sibelius, Sade...

If you had to leave on a desert island with 3 records, which ones?

Daft Punk - Discovery, D'angelo - Voodoo, Franck Ocean - Blond

The perfect track for cooking?

The entire soundtrack of the movie Chef, by Jon Favreau.

A little technical point: what equipment do you use?

Our essential base of work: analog keyboards (JUNO 60, 106, Prophet), the U87 microphone, FOCAL speakers, a Roland TR8S drum, a mac book pro, plugins (Wave, UAD, FabFilter) and logic Pro.

It's not easy to break into the musical jungle, even with talent... what do you think?

It's true that it's not easy, it requires patience but it's a privilege to be able to get up every morning and do something you love. This abundance of artists is also a very stimulating constraint creatively, it inspires us, pushes us to go further and to stand out.

And finally, if you have something to add, here we go!

Can't wait to hear our next track which is coming out in June. Can't wait for the concerts to start again to let you discover the new music!