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Gelatine Turner

L'article en français

In the series "Focus on...", we are interested this month in the duo Gelatine Turner, regular supplier of beautiful UFOs between ambient, autotuned spoken word and pop. Their sound poetry, adept of the off-piste, deserved that we linger on the origins and influences of the project. And let's go to the kitchen with them!

To begin with, who are you?

We are the Gelatine Turner, and we are two brothers, Pierre on music and mix and Romain on writing and singing. We formed this band almost 5 years ago. Now we are located between Burgundy and Paris. It's a very family project, that we also carry with our sister, the artist Charlotte Audoynaud, who realizes the graphics and the visuals. Last June we released a 6 track EP Derrière les nuages for which four videos were made.

How would you define your music?

It's a hybrid music that draws from our different influences in rap, rock and electronic music, it's a mixture of pop and experimentation. We are part of the tradition of a sensitive and poetic French song by integrating elements of modern composition. We place a lot of importance in the work of the mix, to obtain a raw and subtle sound to serve the voice.

What made you decide to embark on this musical adventure one day?

This adventure began in Limoges, where we had formed a collective of rappers with several friends, Harakiri. Pierre was already composing the whole of the instrus. Afterwards, it seemed obvious to us to continue the path together. We shared a lot of things from a musical point of view and we also had the same desires regarding the construction of the project. All this happened naturally when we met in Paris in 2016.

Your influences ?

Our first common musical crush was during high school around the label Anticon. and Clouddead, it was our gateway to alternative rap and then to hip-hop in general. At the beginning, the Gelatine project was very influenced by Drake's sound and more precisely by his producer Noah Shebib for his "underwater sound" which offers a big place to the voice. Our will thereafter was to integrate the elements of various musical genres which crossed us and marked us, the trap, the ambient music, the IDM, the noise rock of the 90's, the trip-hop, or still, more recently the r' n' b and the neo soul.

If you had to leave on a desert island with 3 records, which ones?

Romain : I would say Si dieu veut, by the Fonky Family, because I want to have lyrics that take you to the gut, the White Album by the Beatles, a classic that allows you to go through many emotions and maybe Kind of blue, by Mile Davis, jazz relaxes me and it's important on a desert island.

Pierre : I'll start with On Fire by Galaxie 500, this music touches me deep inside, then Views by Drake, the sound of this record is incredible and finally The Plateaux of Mirror by Brian Eno and Harold Budd, because I listen mainly to ambient music in my daily life.

The perfect track for cooking?

Romain : I would say a French variety song, a bit kitsch, I like to sing while cooking, for example La tendresse by Daniel Guichard.

Pierre : Equators to Bi-Polar by June of 44.

Credit photo : Charlotte Audoynaud

A little technical point: what equipment do you use?

We compose, record and mix our music on Bitwig in our studio before in Montreuil, now in Burgundy. We work mainly in the box, with in addition an analo synth from MFB, a small semi-modular and some effects pedals. We also use a lot of samples and more and more we collaborate with musicians. We do our live on Ableton Live with some controllers and effects.

It's not easy to break into the musical jungle, even with talent... what do you think?

Carrying a musical project is a long way, the main thing I think is to persevere, continue to learn, to meet, and to believe! Indeed, it's not easy, but that's part of the challenge, it requires to take into account many aspects more or less related to the artistic for which we don't necessarily have the basic skills. On our side, we succeeded in being autonomous from a recording point of view which enables us to carry out our projects, and it is already a projects, and it is already a real happiness.

And finally, if you have something to add, here we go!

We are currently working on a new project that announces a longer format with a more defined indie rock / trap musical orientation, and we can't wait to present it to you. Until then, take care of yourselves, and thank you!

Crédit photo : Charlotte Audoynaud

To continue in music the discovery of the artist, here is their latest track uploaded : "Toute la pluie tombe au même endroit"