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Focus on... El Wud

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HomeCookingShare: To begin, who are you?

El Wud: El Wud Project was born in 2013 on the slopes of Vesuvius volcano (where we live and work). After the first home experiments, this project of sound craftsmanship has progressively developed. El Wud is a composition between the words 'electronic' and 'wood'.

HCS: How would you define your music?

El Wud: Experimental ambient project realized with the use of indeterminate sound overlaps, causal collisions and cosmic echoes.

HCS: What made you decide one day to embark on this musical adventure?

El Wud: The musical adventure of all of us begins when we are born and even before. We don't decide to embark on a musical adventure, we are in it whether we are aware of it or not.

HCS: Your influences?

El Wud: Our roots are in the ground of experimental electronics and psychedelism of the 70s and from the subsequent evolution of ambient and experimental music. We are however convinced that any artistic form, if lived and perceived in a conscious way, can be a seed planted in the ground of creativity.

HCS: The perfect track to cook?

El Wud: Perhaps this is the hardest question ... it depends on what you are cooking ... I hope it is a vegetarian dish ...

HCS: If you had to leave on a desert island with 3 discs: which ones?

El Wud: Terry Riley: A rainbow in curved air, Tangerine Dream: Phaedra, A good collection of Irish and Italian folk music and above all I would try to listen to the fourth disc: the silence of the place.

HCS: Small technical point: with what material do you work?

El Wud: A computer, a keyboard, sometimes a guitar, field recorder and various apps to record and edit sounds.

HCS: Not easy to break into the musical jungle, even with talent ... what do you think about it?

El Wud: It is not easy to live in a society where injustice and inequality prevail, which is why we believe that every artistic expression must be a contribution to the achievement of a form of knowledge that can finally free us from the mental chains of a society based on profit and injustice.

HCS: And finally, if you have something to add, here we go!

El Wud: El Wud Project is available for free on the main music platforms (Soundcloud, Hearthis, Bandcamp and others) and on some independent labels (Zenapolae, Naviar Records). It’s a project open to possible collaborations based on libertarian ideals.

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