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"There is no difference between my musical, artistic or friendly encounters! It's all Love!"

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When she puts her sure and powerful voice on her pop compositions, Mamfredos does not pass unnoticed. She knows how to find the right chord, to press on it until the auditory happiness. And to start again on another string.

Mamfredos started making music in the Myspace era, posting her unfinished tracks. This was enough to get her noticed, and soon she met Helena Noguera, who encouraged her to turn her sketches into songs.

"It was the great Myspace era, I was posting my "bits of tracks", 60 sec instrumentals, Helena encouraged me to go to the end. To make short, whole pieces, and especially to sing on them! I didn't think of singing, I was accompanying singers, as a musician... I went for it! You could say that it changed the course of my life for life!"

Her musical journey can be launched, but first by accompanying other artists. For his debut, Mamfredos replaces Rover on guitar in the band of Vanessa Chassaigne, with Mathieu Boogaerts on drums and Pierre Juarez on bass, before playing bass in turn in the band of Pierre Juarez with Tom Lucet Penato, Valentin Durup and Charlene Juarez (Chat).

Other encounters will then mark out hheris path: Sylvie Hoarau, Gregori Czerkinsky, Julien Baer, Henri Graetz, Jacques Duvall, Philippe Katerine, Paul de Homem-Christo (who plays in her video clip "Didoudamour" released in 2013) and Rose to whom Mamfredos dares to make listen to her own tracks. The feedback is unanimous, and all encourage her to go further. "Didoudamour", her first single, is a burst of talent, raw, pop and authentic, where the personality of Mamfredos explodes to the ears. This single, co-composed with Loane and produced by Henry Blanc-Francard's label, is the confirmation that Mamfredos' music has very particular assets, and that she will be able to find her own place on this French-speaking pop scene, uninhibited and full of surprises.

"All my encounters have marked me, whether they are friendly, artistic or musical! Obviously my meeting with Gregori Czerkinsky (from the cult duo Mikado) has had a huge impact on me! He opened the doors of his studio to me, gave me his tricks, introduced me to his friends (Jacques Duvall, Henri Graetz, Philippe Katerine...). Gregori suggested me to have a recording studio, like him, like a painter has his studio! That's where it all started for me, I put all my savings, the money from my odd jobs and my birthday presents into equipment... The insomnia, I transform them into songs!"

A few sleepless nights later, Mamfredos unveiled a debut EP. In 2016, "Changement de Saison" was released, a subtle synthesis of her early years in music. Her pop is still growing, and her boldness is hitting the spot, a little funk, a little 60's pop, all lightness with her touch of casualness.

While her music is making its beautiful effect on a conquered public, Mamfredos continues to weave beautiful friendships in music. Everyone meets in her Parisian salon-home-studio where they discuss, dine, sing and now in her home-studio in Provins where they come to make music for pure pleasure like Adrienne Pauly, Mélanie Bauer, Marie-Flore, Lucie Ternisien, Inès Tabarin, Walter Shnorkell, Anne-Sophie Trébel...

Photo : Lucie Ternisien

"There is no difference between my musical, artistic or friendly meetings! It is only Love! Whether it's in my "living room-home-studio", or in my real beautiful recording studio, my friends abandon themselves to it, we rediscover the world, music, and especially we exchange our cooking recipes!"

In love with music and sharing, Mamfredos plays and offers herself musically without counting. For the anecdote, by dint of playing, she has already had four operations on her hands. Nothing stops her, not even the famous "musician's disease". And this does not prevent her from preparing her latest project. The EP "Le ça", released at the end of 2020, marks another step in the already rich career of Mamfredos. Always more accomplished, her pop takes forms which stir up as much the surprise as the bewitchment.

We will hardly have time to appreciate this beautiful work and the associated clips ("Essaye encore", "Surmoi") that Mamfredos announces an imminent continuation. A first album is in preparation, on which will appear a trio with Philippe Katerine and Sylvie Hoarau (of the duo Brigitte), whose universes seem of perfect complementarity to that of Mamfredos.

"This title is part of my album "Baraka", to be released! I knew some miseries, as everyone and I decided to ward off the fate and to make a disc: "BARAKA". I tackle several rather heavy subjects, with rather light arrangements. And I am very happy that Sylvie and Philippe participate in this record, I love them very much, and it is a real pleasure to share this song with them, a Slow à trois! I can't say more, just that it's not easy to dance!"

Can't wait to hear this new encounter.

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