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Zinda Reinhardt

"Pure freedom, a forest, a river, a tree growing in the middle of the desert."

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- Favourite Alert! Dark electronic, pop, hip-hop and gypsy roots, Zinda Reinhardt smashes all the carcans. No room for the conformist or the too smooth, her music can't leave you indifferent. At first you are surprised by the apparent brutality of the sounds, by the singing in Sintikès language, then you quickly, very quickly, get attached to these singularities. Zinda Reinhardt is (already) an artist apart, very far from the beaten track but very close to the heart. -

Let's immediately forget all the landmarks we are used to. Zinda Reinhardt's music will shake it all up, sweep it away with a wave of her hand. Zinda fully embraces her dual gypsy and Caribbean culture and pays homage to it in the most beautiful way: she makes it a source of inspiration to create a musical slap in the face. The kind of feeling that we do not forget, that touches the body as much as the soul, that provokes an irrepressible desire to take it up again.

From the musical journey of her childhood, where Zinda went through the conservatory, she keeps the work on percussion, the work on singing and of course ther taste for jazz improvisation, to honor the legacy of the illustrious Django Reinhardt. Add to all this an incredible energy and thirst for freedom, dark and raw electronics and pure talent: you are ready to embark and let yourself be carried away by Zinda Reinhardt's sound trance. A sensual, wild and mischievous trance.

First effect felt: while the language barrier may surprise (but nothing prevents the listener from improvising yoghurt on Zinda's Sintakès), the chameleon voice bewitches. A whole spectrum of emotion is transmitted by Zinda Reinhardt's unique organ. It exudes a real sensuality, in the primary sense of the term, an attachment to the pleasure of the senses.

"I generally play on the stimulation of the imagination, the implicit or the suggestion."

The imagination is hit in the bull's-eye. To understand the words is not necessary to immerse oneself in the universe of Zinda. Sounds and intonations will suffice. Beyond this unforgettable voice, Zinda Reinhardt also handles sounds with an extraordinary personality. Very percussive and electronic, she navigates between dark and percussive electro-trap and timeless electro-pop. Each track is a discovery in itself, somewhere where we didn't necessarily expect the artist, a "wild" side in addition.

Photo : Sophie Kamourasi

"Pure freedom, a forest, a river, a tree growing in the middle of the desert."

Ther freedom turns into audacity, the freedom to propose things never heard elsewhere, to play with her varied influences to make the listener want to follow her on her sonic path, wherever she goes.

"This is a trait of my character, I am neither elusive nor graspable, I have always loved the freedom offered by musical creation, juggling with my voice, proposing instruments from different horizons, mixing my influences since childhood, varying musical styles in order to propose unique songs that invite the listener to travel."

Her singles "Papa", "Troumli" and "Cigano" (released on February 12) are a delightful gateway to her universe. Without pandemic and confinement, she would have had to play the latest Transmusicales, which usually don't go wrong. To compensate, you can discover her incredible "livestream" performances. Senstaions and addiction guaranteed.

Photo : Clara De Souza

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