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The House New Generation

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In a sea of releases, where originality is an undeniable asset to stand out from the crowd, it happens that a more "classic" release strikes by its only quality. This is exactly what Karlita succeeded in doing with her EP "AMOR FABOLA", where her deep and round house music works wonders, touching the mind as much as the body.

A crush can't be explained rationally. It comes without warning, settles in, and here you are, stopping all activity to savor a single, an EP or an album. Then you start again, without any guilt for not doing anything else and on the contrary a deep feeling of well-being.

Without warning, Karlita's "Amor Fabola" settled in and trying to explain why is as complex as explaining why the first deep strings of "I Can't Wait" at the opening of the EP give such a soothing warmth. Karlita arrived without warning, and shakes up the French House scene in his own way.

After a first album - "Lazydayz" - released in 2019, already on, and frankly recommendable, the 24 years old Montpellier artist has therefore done it again. The test is transformed, with a deep and round House, some whispered vocals, a bright groove all in suave delicacy. Karlita delivers "classic" House productions, without superfluous fashion effects, just the essential, in better. When Karlita explains us her childhood in music, somewhere, it becomes obvious.

"I've always been sensitive and receptive to music, my parents were big diggers and I grew up listening to a lot of music styles: Björk, Sigur Rós, Massive Attack, the old M83, Thievery Corporation, and my parents had their buddies working in the night world at the time, so very bringueur and a lot of techno/house too. So at a very young age, I think in first grade, I said I wanted to be a djette. But it's only 4 or 5 years ago that I started buying vinyl. From my childhood until today I have continued to digest and refine my favorite styles. I discovered UK house, lofi, dub etc... So I learned to mix on vinyl late, then later on digital decks. It's the same for the production. At the beginning, I got the software and I learned to use it by myself, with tutorials, videos of artists in their studio... I started like everyone else to share my productions on Soundcloud and I had some listeners (laughs). Then one day I had an ass kicking, I started to follow the label on Soundcloud which started to listen to what I was doing and proposed me to release an EP (September 2019) I had a few tracks ready privately that they validated and I did some more. And to my surprise, "Lazydayz" came out and did quite well!"

Things then went from there, with this "Amor Fabola", exciting to listen to, but also in its creation by Karlita. "Amor Fabola" is not a concept album, but the result of an emotion, energies, and therefore an evidence.

""Amor Fabola" started from nothing, then listening to the whole I said to myself that it resembled a lot of states of mind, through which one passes during a short or long love story, good or bad, but it's really the general idea that came out according to me, so it's only after that the title came to me. As with my other songs, I was inspired by my mood at the time, and my surroundings."

Emotions, soul, energy, that is the essence of House finally that Karlita delivers with a disconcerting ease. The structure of the tracks itself is made in order to go to the essential, without frills.

"I always start with a pad or a synth that I like and I build my track around that... On which I add vocals that I sample from trip-hop or ambient tracks or record with my voice."

With so much sonic beauty and efficiency, there is no doubt that the Karlita crush will spread, especially since the artist does not intend to stop there. Karlita develops other activities in parallel, always by love of the music, and with a family wink in the passing, since she became resident at Piñata Radio, a webradio Montpellier, with a bi-monthly show, "GEOMETRIX", which bears the name of the compilations of her father.

And then we can obviously expect to see sooner or later a successor to "Amor Fabola". But as the emotions and energies seem to have as much influence on her creativity as she manages to transmit, we will have to be patient, and wait for more serene days.

"I continue to produce when I am inspired, hoping to reach other labels that I like, I try to progress on the technique and the structuring of my pieces while keeping my sensitivity. The current situation is for me not very favorable to the inspiration, I am more in a phase of introspection what for the blow, will be beneficial with the hindsight! And there are days with and days without, but I have confidence in the future."

In the meantime, we can continue to wear "Amor Fabola" to the bone.

Karlita on Bandcamp