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HomeCooking Share : 2 years of shared passion

This August 25, 2020, HomeCooking Share celebrates its 2 years! 2 years of shared passion, musical discoveries, favorites, exciting exchanges!

To celebrate this, a 24-track playlist is available. From the first track received from iOAi to the discovery of the incredible talent of Kiara Jones, this selection tries to summarize what happened on HomeCooking Share.

A big thank you to all the artists who have already come and bring the HomeCooking Share project to life. And a big thank you also to all the visitors in search of musical thrills!


Welcome on HomeCooking Share, platform for sharing and broadcasting musical creations. The goal of the HomeCooking Share project is to offer a unique space where everyone could submit their creations, and share them with more people.The principle is very simple for artists. Just send a song, via the tab contact, and it will be online and available to all very quickly. No Likes or Followers, just the sharing of musical creations. The contacting can then be done simply via SoundCloud or Youtube.

You can take it a bit like a bar with musical themed rooms. You can come in 10 minutes, go to a room, listen to 2/3 songs and go back, or say "hey me too I play music"! Or if you want to listen "a little bit of everything" and that you are not (still) a regular of the places to take refuge in the monthly playlists ... Anyway, everything is possible if you like music and have a bose dose of thirst for discovery

The Mag HomeCooking Share

Mag HomeCooking Share #11 (October) with thaïs on the cover is now available.

Click on the cover to access a free light version of the Mag.

It's an evidence to see thaïs on the cover this month. Her actuality is propitious to talk about her, since her superb EP "Paradis Artificiel" will be released these days. And above all the artist is a symbol of a French-speaking pop scene decidedly more and more exciting. Many other artists to (re)discover as well. With some striking returns: La Phaze who returns in force with their "pungle" always as incisive. The return of John Lord Fonda on disc is also very pleasing, his dark techno always hits the bull's eye! In the discoveries section, we're betting on Myyora, whose solar aura is displayed on her pop, sometimes electro, sometimes acoustic. Our album of the month sends us to Estonia, where ELLIP has made an incredibly rich album, difficult to classify as it is so full of influences, between pop, trip-hop, drum'n bass... And then again and again beautiful musical encounters: RM Hendrix, a committed alt-pop alien, Varsity Star who can be seen as a future IDM hero, Slim & The Beast who makes us travel with their folk-pop, Glisz as an electronic aesthete, Ana Ford as a favorite / rap punch, Xavier Grant whose career breathes "deep & soulfull", the usual "Focus on" dedicated to Bloom's Taxonomy, and a "Colleague's Ear" dedicated to Radio Free Confi... Enjoy!

Discover the Mag

Rules for artists

For artists, the only constraints will be:

- to have a Soundcloud account, or Youtube (this will allow songs to be put online and any contacts to follow).

- to respect the following rules: 1 track per week, original works and accept the subjective choice not to promote any style of music, to focus on what makes us vibrate, so unfortunately there will be boxes: Techno / House (EDM does not pass), Breaks / Hip-hop (breaks of any kind it leaves room), Rock/Pop/Electro-Pop (there is still wide), IDM / Aliens (there a lot will be return) and Groove.