Mag #07 (July) is now available!. And you can always get back the old numbers! (And the first one is always available for free integral download)


The latest monthly playlist is available on Youtube, Deezer and Spotify:


The Projections - There's No End (Jean Tonique Remix)

Peter Spacey - Morning Haze

Sam Cooker - La DOuceur Ephémère

Grass Temple - Breezing

Noneohone - Arclight

Granato - Europe

Salut C'est Cool - Voilà (Etienne de Crecy Remix)

Other Colours - About Time (feat. Britizen Kane)

D Fine Us - The Fox

Lil Sha - Le Codex

Muca & La Marquise - London

Vince Konigan - The Long Run

Violent Vickie - The Blame

Panties And Chocolate - Another Summer

ASM - Return of the Sabretooth

The July issue of the Mag HomeCooking Share is released. This 8th episode is still full of beautiful discoveries and surprises.

On the cover: an artist full of promise, who comes out after out confirms all the hopes placed in him. VAPA is now more than a hope, he clearly represents a new wave of eletronica made in France.

Scratchattic, for their part, are swinging around delicious trip-hop/dub/breakbeats with great beats and exquisite samples. Loo & Monetti explore an electronic pop that can touch the mind as well as the body. Oner takes us on a tour of the south of Paris in his own way, all in beats. Pierlucien deconstructs pop to make it personal and close to his dancer's world. We also retrace the career of Apple Jelly, whose upcoming album, due out this autumn, will bring together more than just disco-punk fans. Ninety's Story and its French-pop, as well as Le Squid, an underwater alien, complete the discoveries. We also plunge into the album of TTRRUUCES, a huge pop-disco-psychédélique slap, we find the Focus On... dedicated to Jsundz, we take the bets that we will still hear a lot about Sory's retro and electronic funk and we decipher the universes of our label of the month: Ramrock Records.

And then always news, reviews, and a free tribune to Anthony Joao from Punch Promo. We won't say any more, the best thing is to go and discover all that. And listen to it with a 12-track playlist!


01/08/2020 : HomeCooking Share partner of the CroosRoads festival (September 8 to 11), with diffusion of the Lives on our Facebook page. You will be able to recognize the artists present on the listening pages with the symbol . More info to come...

16/12/2019 : The first edition of the Mag HomeCooking Share is available on free download, here: here

23/10/2019 : Special Halloween Playlist, selected by Neon Fiji: here

09/08/2019 : New section, dedicated to EP/LP's releases, of artists passed by HomeCooking Share: Reviews

02/03/2019 :For the artists who want to help HomeCooking Share, it is now possible. You can submit your tracks by GROOVER.For those who will use this, advertisment will appear on HomeCooking Share

20/12/2018 : NEW!! : Each month, an artist will be presented on a specific page. This month Focus on... L4YØN

03/12/2018 : Tags have appeared! The oldest tracks are moved there. As and when new specific pages will appear!

30/11/2018 : They talk about HomeCooking Share : Thanks to KMS Reviews for their article.

06/10/2018 : Track of the day each day on the home page.

22/09/2018 : New design. Thanks a lot to Raldo.

25/08/2018 : Website online


For artists, the only constraints will be:

- to have a Soundcloud account, or Youtube (this will allow songs to be put online and any contacts to follow).

- to respect the following rules: 1 track per week, original works and accept the subjective choice not to promote any style of music, to focus on what makes us vibrate, so unfortunately there will be boxes: Techno / House (EDM does not pass), Breaks / Hip-hop (breaks of any kind it leaves room), Rock/Pop/Electro-Pop (there is still wide), IDM / Aliens (there a lot will be return) and Groove.

Track of the day:

Myyora - After Eight